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Managing all your possessions can seem stressful, but that’s nothing that cannot be overcome with some support.

Packing service

We will help you, so you can rest assured that all your belongings will be packed quickly and effectively as long as you follow your schedule.


In case you need to store your items, we can insure them for up to four weeks. Later insurance depends on the value of the stored items.


Moving is stressful on its own, but these kinds of undertakings always make a mess, which is a stressful situation.

Secure checklist

Always make sure you have everything on point, see our Moving Timeline which helps you with organising your moving.

Moving an office

The prospect of moving office can be an exciting one. Nothing can liven up your professional life likea nice change of scenery in a newer, better equipped workplace. as possible, Let’s Move is here to help.
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Materials and storage

As the company responsible for making your moving experience as easy as possible, we offer you a broad range of packing materials and storage services.
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Packing the right way

Before you move, you want to be prepared on all fronts. Taking care of all your lists and paperwork may be time-consuming and tedious on its own, but packing is probably the most crucial stage of moving preparations.<br />
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1. Preparing

Are you preparing to move house and are looking for a company that will help you transport all your things in a friendly, stress-free environment? Look no further – Let’s Move Removals has just what you need!

2. Packing

You’d be surprised how much time you’ll save by planning it out beforehand! As your moving , we will help you every step of the way, so you can rest assured that all your belongings will be pact quick and effectively as long as you follow your schedule.

3. Moving in

Once all things are in place, it’s time to get moving. Take your time to unpack all your things and make sure everything is where it should be. If you labelled all your boxes by room beforehand, you now have your work cut out for you!

Reliable removals - moving couldn't be easier!

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