Frequently Asked Question

Is insurance included in the service?

Yes. Insurance is included in the price of the move. In the case of “storage” services, insurance is included for a period of four weeks, and the later cost depends on the value of the stored goods and the storing period.

Are there any additional costs for the assembly/disassembly of furniture/devices?

No, the assembly/disassembly of furniture is included in the cost of the service. The client pays no additional costs for this service.

As a company, can you reserve parking places for the duration of the move?

Yes. We can contact the council as a moving company and be granted parking spaces. However, we recommend our clients request it, as the costs are much lower when hired by a private client.

What can I do if I move out of my house and don't receive keys to my new place? What will happen to my things?

In such cases we offer storage services for our clients. That carries additional costs.

Are there any additional costs for cancelling a move?

When establishing a moving date, we take a deposit of 20 to 90 pounds. Should you cancel the move, your deposit is lost.

Can I change the date of the move without extra cost?

Of course, we are prepared for change in the move dates. We try to be as flexible as possible and we will help to finalise a new moving date at the earliest possible slot. No, we do not charge extra for date changes.

Can I buy any packing materials from you?

Yes, we sell cartons and all other moving materials. We also offer free delivery of these materials.

Can you pack my house?

We specialize in full removal services. Packing is as important as the move itself.

How much does packing cost?

Packing performed by us costs £70 per hour, this price includes 2 packers and all the packing materials required.

Do you offer storage services?

We offer flexible storage solutions for the short and long term.

How far away from London do your moving services extend?

We can move you from London to anywhere in Europe.

Are there any objects that can't be stored?

Yes. For safety purposes, you cannot store any machines (with oils, such as motorbikes, etc.), plants, or any flammable items.

Are there any items you don't transport?

Yes. For safety purposes, we do not transport paint, gas bottles or animals.

Do you disposal of useless household objects?

Yes, we can transport items to waste disposal areas. There is an additional fee of 25 pounds per object. Regarding larger amounts, the price is 180 pounds + VAT per ton.

Do you clean houses after a move?

Yes, you can request cleaning service. It comes with an additional fee of 15 pounds per hour, per clearner.

Do you take care of decorating (painting, etc.) flats?

We collaborate with a decorating company that can take care of the finishes.

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