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You’re moving and you’ve decided to pack all your things on your own. A great decision – you get to save quite a bit of money you’d otherwise have to add to the moving cost – but one that’s attached to great responsibility. After all, a trained, professional packing team knows all the ins and outs of moving. Here’s a quick guide on how to go about packing your things in a safe and effective manner.
First, get a notebook. Write down a list of all the things you need to pack and separate them by box. Make a box dedicated to each room, with several separate boxes for odd-shaped items (trust us, there’s more of those than you’d expect). Make a timetable of your packing. Plan strategically which room you’ll pack after which, and which items from that room can be packed first, based on what you’ll need during the packing period. You need to have packed everything that you won’t need on moving day a day prior so your movers can just pick up your boxes without effort. Some objects, like large pieces of furniture and items that require assembly and disassembly, should be handled only by the moving team. They will wrap them up and unload them on the van with no excessive effort and you don’t risk accidently breaking anything by trying to stuff them into boxes.

Speaking of boxes...

Did you know that your moving company can provide you with a set of fresh, modern cardboard boxes for a small fee? Unlike boxes that you take from a store or those old ones you keep all your stuff in your garage or the attic, these are very much compliant with all moving company regulations. They are dry, and the technology used to create them makes them solid and sturdy. These boxes also come in many shapes and sizes, which is just perfect if you have lots of oddly shaped items.
But boxes are far from the only packaging gadget you need! Make sure you posses tons of packing paper, bubble wrap, or anything else that will protect your fragile items. You need to wrap those things up securely if you don’t want to risk finding your prized possessions shattered after the move. Of course, you’ll also need PVC tape to seal those boxes tight – nothing’s a bigger mood-ruiner than a box that just pops open during a bumpy ride. Make sure you also have scissors and sharp knives at hand – you’d be surprised how much paper you need to cut through to securely wrap something in it. Finally, make sure you have a good supply of broad-tipped markers for labelling all your boxes!

Now what do I do with this stuff?

The first thing you should know is that you need your boxes to be padded. If anything unexpectedly turns or makes a leap over an unpadded surface, it’s done for. So add layers of paper, bubble wrap, what have you, on the bottom of the box so all the items can rest on a soft, padded surface. Then, proceed wrapping all your delicate items in paper. For regular, round objects such as jar and glasses, start from one corner and roll them over to the next, pushing in all the excess paper from the other two corners as you go. Do the same for weirdly shaped items, but start from the middle. And if the item in question is too big for the piece you chose – add more paper! The more you add, the softer it gets, so the safer the item!
Now place your objects in the boxes. Keep all irregular objects together – surprisingly, it really makes for an easier packing process. Once all items are in place, now is the time to fill out the spaces. If you don’t have any spare rags that you don’t know what to do yet, foam peanuts are your next best bet. They will effectively take up space and are soft enough not to scratch anything. They’re tons of fun!
And then we move on to sealing and signing. Make sure all the holes are covered up nice and tight with the tape, and then use your marker to put on your name, the room the items are going to land in, and any disclaimers, such as “this side up” or “fragile. Those will make your moving process a great deal smoother.


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    See our Moving Timeline which helps you with organising your moving.


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    Managing all your possessions can seem stressful, but that’s nothing that cannot be overcome with some support. We are here to help you with just that.

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