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So you’re almost there! You’ve followed our tips on packing like a pro and the movers found no issue with them. Everything has been safely transported and you saved a lot of cash by being great at packing. So you’re standing in the middle of your new, empty house, surrounded by a disturbing heap of cardboard boxes. What now? As a general rule of thumb, remember you don’t need to unpack everything in one day. Take as much time as you need. In fact, revel in it! Unpacking can be great fun, so make this process as enjoyable to you as possible. Involve the whole family and make some awesome memories. That will really help reduce the stress of the whole thing.
But even if you take it slow, you need to sort out your priorities. Start out by unpacking the rooms that are used to fulfil your family’s most basic needs, and focus on one room at a time. So let’s start with...

The Kitchen

This is where all the food is, and is also a nice place to regroup and recoup. Your kitchen will become your main base of operations once you unpack it, so it’s best to get it out of the way the fastest. Don’t unpack everything at once, though! Make sure you focus on the essentials and move on to heavier gear only after you’ve already decided on where everything will go. You’ll save a lot of time that way.

The Living Room

So you’ve got the essentials out of the way – now you can pretty much kick back and relax. Not completely though. The living room needs unpacking, but don’t rush it. Make sure to map out how you want to organise all your items beforehand, though. It’ll take you less time than if you were to later change your mind and rearrange things.

The Bathroom

After the kitchen is done, move on to the bathroom. If you don’t have kids, the master bathroom will be enough for now, but if you do, unpack the one that will act as the communal bath for everyone. Make sure everything is in place and the piping leaves nothing to be desired before you proceed with all your cosmetics, though.

The Bedroom

Bedrooms are, surprisingly, the least urgent. If you don’t manage to unpack them day one, that’s fine – you can always use mattresses and pillows to have a nice night with the whole family and make this event even more memorable. Movers will reassemble any beds that were taken apart, and then you can freely take care of anything else.


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    See our Moving Timeline which helps you with organising your moving.


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    Managing all your possessions can seem stressful, but that’s nothing that cannot be overcome with some support. We are here to help you with just that.

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