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Germany – a reliable choice

It has turned up in recent polls that Germany is on top in lists of countries to move after Brexit. There are some very solid underlying reasons for this. Due to its economy – best described as positively thriving – and an incredible standard of living, Germany is a very comfortable place to live in. It’s got everything you may ever want or need. If you’re more of a city dweller, rich cities like Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt are the perfect option for you. If you’re more of a fan of the country life, you’ll find no shortage of lovely rural areas as well.

With a general population of over 80 million, Germany is home to around 104,000 British expats, so you’re guaranteed to find a place to call home here, as many Brits have done so before without incident. Divided into several distinct lands, Germany is abundant in natural beauty and cultural heritage. Regardless of where you go, you are guaranteed to find your place in this vast land.

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International removals UK to Germany

Germany has one of the most steady economies in the EU, which makes it a great choice for UK citizens – which many Brits have already taken note of, considering how many British expats there are. Getting work will not be a problem, as the unemployment rate in Germany is as low as 4.7%. Many workplaces use English as their first language, and the vast majority of Germans speak excellent English, so there’s also no need to worry about the language barrier even if you don’t speak German yourself. Be prepared to rent out a place to live, however, as only 41% of Germans live in their own homes, and this number dwindles even further in cities. If you want to live in the city, however, keep in mind that it can be pretty expensive. Munich is the most expensive, followed closely by Frankfurt. Berlin may have cheaper rent than Hamburg and the like, but it has been rated as one of the most expensive places for expats to live.

Transporting your goods

If you think moving all your items is hard, try doing it abroad. Deciding which possessions to take with you and which are better off being left behind can be pretty troublesome, but it’s also an incredibly important decision to make. Figuring out how to transport your furniture so that it stays in one piece is also pretty crucial, as you could potentially risk losing the means of a comfortable life in your new residence. However, with Let’s Move Removals, there’s no more need to worry, as we are prepared for everything, including comprehensive international moves. With an experienced team and the best equipment currently available, we can collect all of your possessions quickly and carefully, letting you rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands. We also provide all the packing supplies and assistance you might need, offering you an unmatched level of service that guarantees that all of your possessions will get transported to your new home in one piece.


You don’t require a Visa to enter Germany – in fact, as the country is a part of the EU, there are no restrictions for you to enter. You do have to register within the first few weeks of your stay in order to completely move. Before your registration process is complete, you won’t be able to open a bank account, get a tax number, or acquire health insurance. If you own pets, it won’t be a problem, thanks to EU regulations making it simple to move with a cat or dog. Just make sure you have:

  • A microchip
  • Proof of rabies vaccination
  • Pet passport
  • Tapeworm treatment – if you have a dog
Germany map
Our Van in Berlin
Our Van in front of Brandenburg Gate
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