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Packing service is as much important as the move itself. The process can be long and difficult especially when you start remembering things involved with a special book, your child’s first favourite toy…


Let’s Move Removals specialise in full packing and moving services. We treat your items as careful as possible without the emotional baggage, making our service professional and effective (some say we pack our customers belongings better than they would!), but most of all we’d cover one more thing in the whole moving process, so you have less to worry about, which is our goal. Our fully trained packing staff will take away the trouble of securing everything you possess, right of your shoulders. Save time and effort and make your house move a great experience. The better everything is packed and prepared the smoother the moving service is going to be.
We understand that you may want to pack your belongings yourself, that is why you can use our tips here.


Another important factor when packing is materials. We use only top grade materials made for one specific purpose: to make your items safe and avoid absolutely any damages. We support the environment by recycling 100% of the materials that we use to pack your belongings. Our packing service includes collecting all boxes away from you once everything is unpacked, so you do not have to worry about council complaining about stack of cardboard boxes outside your new property.
We can also provide you with those packing materials even when you’d like to go pack yourself. They might be slightly more expensive than other option available, but please do bear in mind that saving couple ££ on packing materials is absolutely not worth it in the long run. By purchasing proper packing materials you are saving yourself hundreds of pounds in damages and would save you a great deal of stress.


    Our specialised team will pack and move you in a quick, effective way. We are also really flexible about changing the moving dates.


    We will help you, so you can rest assured that all your belongings will be packed quickly and effectively as long as you follow your schedule.


    Moving is stressful, these kinds of undertakings always make a mess, which adds to the stress. No one wants to deal with that on their first day at their new home! So, let our cleaning team do the dirty work!  


    See our Moving Timeline which helps you with organising your moving.


    In case you need a place to store your items, we can insure them four weeks. For long periods of time, the insurance is adjusted in relation to the value of the items. We offer amazing quality furniture storage for all your East London clients.


    Managing all your possessions can seem stressful, but that’s nothing that cannot be overcome with some support. We are here to help you with just that.

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